5th Line capital

Venture Debt Specialists

Venture debt can reduce dilution, extend a company’s runway and accelerate its growth with limited cost to the business

What We Do
Our team works with growth-stage companies to secure non-dilutive capital while avoiding dilution through equity raise. We assess where clients fit in the market and then shoulder the workload of credit review and approval processes to deliver fast, favorable capital solutions from our network of trusted venture lending partners.

Starting Capital Ask

Minimum Annualized Revenue

Different Industries & Sectors Served

Transactions in 2021

Areas of Expertise

Growth & Expansion
Adding additional cash to the balance sheet on top of equity funding to extend runway to break even or the next equity round, fuel sales, and grow overall business development.
Capital for acquiring another entity in the form of another company or another entity’s business assets.
CapEx Financing
Financing for capital expenditures including machinery, FF&E, computer & other technology-related hardware, etc. for the purposes of funding company growth.
Working Capital
Freeing up capital tied up in accounts receivables, inventory or funding tied to contract fulfillment.
How We're Different
Venture Backing

By working with a wider pool of venture debt providers, we’re able to service clients that may be backed by alternative sources – such as PE, smaller VC’s or even bootstrapped.


Though more runway is always better, our lending partners look more at the business from an entrepreneurial prospective vs simply how much liquidity is there from investors.


Growth-stage companies come all have a “story” to them. Growth isn’t always a straight line, revenue isn’t always eight figures – we bring lenders to the table who get that.

How Venture Debt Works

Our first step is working together with Management to understand the goals of the business. From there we conduct an initial review with our lending partners to determine market fit and assess prospective terms.
Strategy Outline
Based on capital need and company profile, we outline the most compatible lending partners to pursue, walking Management through the options and determine best path forward.
Lender Review & Negotiations
We review the opportunity in depth with our lending partners' credit committees. We handle the process of research, reviews and cumbersome phone calls, working to bring the best terms and structures to you.
Term Sheet Review

Once delivered, we work through the terms with our lenders, providing feedback and working to negotiate and structure the offers best suited for you. Once negotiated terms are delivered, we review the terms with you, advising on next steps in the process to move into diligence and funding.

Due Diligence & Funding

Terms have been accepted and the lender is in final diligence. Clients & lenders are directly engaged to move through this process, we remain involved to ensure the process is moving along efficiently.

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