5th Line Acquires Flowify

Company news

5th Line has officially closed on our first acquisition, Flowify. Flowify is a growing Shopify application that integrates all sales, refunds, fees, bank deposits, and more seamlessly into Quickbooks. 

This serves as an important milestone for 5th Line as we officially launch our technology acquisition arm. While we continue to serve our growth-stage venture clientele in venture debt and various other financial services, we are excited to expand our business into the investment arena.

In our review of Flowify, we found an undervalued asset requiring significant resources in technology, marketing & branding to realize its true growth potential. We intend to utilize our expert team to build out new product features and expand brand awareness with targeted marketing initiatives over the coming months. 

As we continue to expand our presence, we will be acquiring more of these early-stage software assets in the coming months to build out our portfolio even further.
We look forward to sharing our experience with you as we grow…