Veterans in Growth-Stage Finance

We guide growth-stage companies through the landscape of managing risk, allocating resources and setting financial targets as they evolve. Growth-stage financing is a unique set of skills that requires experts in the space and our team has combined over 50 years of experience across various sectors or technology & services.

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Who We Serve

Growth-Stage Companies
Cash-Burning Companies with Asset-Light Business Models
Tech & Tech-Enabled
Product & Service Offerings Enabled by Technology
Unique Profiles
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What We Offer

Financial Modelling
Whether it’s preparing for a raise or building out a plan for sales targets, your company will need proper benchmarks and an effective financial model to get there.
Cash Flow Planning
We develop the main conception of a company according to the company's targets and develop strategies of competitive advantage.
Risk Analysis
It’s important to understand the opportunity ahead but also protect against an off-plan scenario. We’ll model out various performance expectations of the company to allow you to make effective business decisions knowing how they would impact your ongoing cash position.
Cap Table Management
We’ll keep your cap table up to date and accurate for future fundraise efforts and award various stock options. As part of fundraising support, we’ll model out valuation and capital raise scenarios to assess current shareholder dilution to determine the most effective path forward.
Business Intelligence
LTV, CAC, pipeline analysis, gross churn, net churn, burn...We identify critical business metrics, implement protocols for tracking them and develop analysis to understand them. Our expertise allows startups to understand business performance better and provide data for your investor reporting & decision making.
Scenario Modelling
Understanding how different decisions impact the health of your business protects CEO's from overspending without understanding the results. Knowing how an acquisition, hire or other investment may impact the revenue and cashflow of the company may save you from financial struggles.
Operational Finance
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Why Our Clients Hire Us

Every business has a specific need

Need a Helping Hand

Our clients often understand finance but need an expert to truly guide the company's finances effectively
Manage Cash Effectively
As your company grows, cash is king and understanding how to spend to grow while extending your runway is paramount

Getting Ready for Financing

Investors and lenders want to know someone is at the helm financially, having your books and projections is step one
Our Process
A data dump of all applicable information, materials & systems within the organization.
Organization and understanding the business, assessing the critical needs in developing an action plan.
Taking the full data package and team analysis to develop a clear financial strategy for the company's success.
Putting into place the team's plan for the business to reach its business and financial goals.
Once implemented, there is consistent review required to assess evolving needs of the organization.
Why choose us?
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Our team is comprised of veteran experts
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