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Circle Media
The Company
Provider of a smart online content filtering device created to deliver screen time management and parental control services. The company offers a comprehensive service to common screen time woes and its features include content filters, time limits, the ability to pause the internet, set device bedtimes, and block specific apps, enabling parents and caregivers to avail services like advice from experts, a space to learn from other parents' experiences, and a blog with timely tips about topics like screen time during social distancing.
Their Situation
Circle is a venture-backed consumer technology company in the market for debt capital to add liquidity to the balance sheet ahead of of an equity raise in the pipeline. They had attempted to secure capital from some of the legacy venture debt providers in their network and were hitting roadblocks along the way.

Circle was looking for a small bridge loan to provide cash runway through their Series B raise. After review, we worked with the team on restructuring their spend plan, mitigating cash burn and secured a facility large enough for them to push out their Series B raise nearly 15 months. As a result, management is able to focus on scaling revenue and achieving a higher valuation for shareholders going into their Series B the following year.
Our Solution
An Venture Debt term loan facility that would fund their continued growth into a larger Series B round where the facility had the opportunity to upsize even more.
Critical Mention
The Company
Developer of a public relations platform designed to track, measure, share, and grow earned media coverage. The company's platform is a cloud-based, real-time monitoring and database service for tracking TV, radio, online news, podcasts, print sources, and social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook, enabling clients to better understand their earned media values and create customized, shareable reports.
Their Situation
Being close to two decades old, Critical Mention is not your traditional venture debt target. With historically flat top-line revenue over the past few years due to a significant shift in revenue model, there was a significant underlying story for lenders to get comfortable with. After going to market independently several times through 2019 and 2020, Critical Mention engaged 5th Line to effectively secure the capital to fund their growth initiatives.
Our Solution
A $5MM Line of Credit designed to refinance their existing high rate debt that was draining their cash flow each month and fuel their growth through new product development and marketing initiatives.
The Company
Provider of rooms intended to create an office room of peace for people at work. The company provides modern workplace system through affordable, sustainable and flexible alternatives that make more room for people at work and also build prefabricated, self-assembled, sound-proofed, ventilated and powered booths, enabling users to make extra room in the budget without compromising quality and provides employees with a place to take a video call or get some uninterrupted time to focus on work.
Their Situation
ROOM was in the market for capital that would fuel their tremendous rebound from the initial impact of the COVID pandemic in early 2020. With strong investor support, they were able to position themselves for a strong recovery. Going into 2021 they saw an opportunity to capitalize on the “Return to office” movement through large portions of the world and sought capital to fuel their growth without taking further dilution to the cap table through equity.
Our Solution
A term loan credit facility to fund their rebounding revenue, expand their international sales channels and bring new products to the market increasing valuation significantly going into a larger equity round.
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